7407-98 Avenue, Edmonton, AB T6A 0A8  780-469-3814

Shea-Lynn Gilday

As Braemar’s secretary and administrator, Shea-Lynn is usually the first point of contact most people have with the church. She works closely with the Braemar Deacons’ Board, overseeing the maintenance of the church facilities, coordinating rental agreements and supporting the pastoral staff.

Shea-Lynn has an extensive background in music and it has been a big part of her life. After studying music in college and having several jobs unrelated to her field of study she moved to Edmonton from her hometown of Langley, BC in 2004. Shea-Lynn is married to Kevin and they have three energetic children: Aiden, Kaelynn, and Brooklynn. They enjoy camping as a family and being outdoors.

Shea-Lynn’s life journey can be best explained by the popular Dixie Chicks song “taking the long way around” but with this comes seeing the amazing ways that God has plans so great for you that you don’t always take the most direct route in getting to your destination. She has a passion for the special needs community and for working with children and youth and has witnessed how God’s love and grace can transform parents, children, and others who are close to people who are different in this world.